If not able to play.

If unable to play, try to contact either –       Kevin,     M.  0418 803 294

or     John,     M.   0421 492 164,     Email



Night Owls WEDNESDAY 19th February 2020


A decision was made in early December.

The Night Owl bowlers have decided to donate this years “Wrong Bias & fines” money to the Lobethal CFS.   Well done!!


Following the disastrous fires over Christmas, the Bowling Club Committee have held their normal monthly meeting and have decided to match “Dollar for Dollar” what ever money is raised in the “wrong bias kitty.”



Wednesday Night, 19th February 2020

This week the Onkaparinga Meats – Meat Tray was raffled and won by Glennis Hoad, (Great Bowls of Fire), her sister won the afternoon Meat Tray during Wednesday Pennants. Any one for a family BBQ?

The chook’s went to James Campbell & another blanc.  Exactly the same as last week!

The first of two $50.00 cash cards went to Paul (Piston Broke), the other went to Pamala Camp from the Hooters again, well done.

The Bridge to Valley tournament.

The annual bowls tournament against Murray Bridge is about to be played this Friday night, February 21st, at Murray Bridge, an early BBQ tea will be available before the match. We have 10 complete sides nominated, the bus will be leaving at around 5.30pm, otherwise bowlers will need to find their own way there. The meal will be provided by the players from Murray Bridge. Your only costs will be drinks.

No drinking on the bus.



Jay Edwards (Jacked Off) announced that he will be having all of his “Dreadlocks” cut off on Friday 28th February at the Charleston Hotel, with all proceeds going to the “Beyond Blue foundation”.

You can make a donation next Wednesday at the bowls club or any time at the Charlie pub before, during or after JAY  has had his hair cut off.    Good cause, WELL DONE Jay. 


The Club have announced that the annual Hotels Day will be rescheduled for Tuesday 3rd March 2020.



Showdown   –   Slowdown   –   Bowlsdown,         call it what ever you want.

The Club also announced another tournament mainly for the night owl bowlers and friends with some participation from club members. A social day on Sunday 29th March between 1 & 4 pm. We want 9 teams representing the Crows and 9 teams representing the Power, with an overall winner declared at the end of the day. There will be awards for the best dressed teams. Footy style food will be available at the end of the day Pies, Hot Dogs, cost is $5.00 per player.

Remaining matches.

Round 16   –   Feb 26th,          Round 17   –   March 4th,

Semi Finals  –  March 11th,       1 v 4     &     2 v 3                               Final   –   March 18th.




Round 15     RESULTS:-


Rink 1            Charleston Hotel 13 defeated Great Bowls of Fire 5 shots.

The Charlie team with out Jacquie, were up one shot on the 5th end, they then scored a match deciding 5 shots on the 6th end to run out comfortable winners.

Rink 2            Roots and Leaves 9 defeated ACME 7 shots.   ” Bottom of the table clash.”

ACME were up by one shot on the 5th end but from there on Roots N Leaves won the remaining ends, conceding 2 shots on the last end.

Rink 3           The Mass Debaters 8 defeated the Hooters 3 shots.

The girls won the first two ends and they were up by one shot after 5 ends. The boys the won all of the remaining ends.

Rink 4           The Tigers 21 defeated The Little rays of Sunshine 7 shots.

The Sunshine team won the first two ends, but the Tigers took control of the match winning all but one of the ends scoring a 6 & 7 on the way. The one end sunshine did win later was worth 4 shots.

Rink 5           The Incredibowls 10 defeated Piston Broke 5 shots.

The Incredi’s won the first 5 ends to hold 6 shots. The Pistons won just 2 ends for the match scoring a 3 & 2 shots, very unusual. The Incredi’s won 8 ends, but they were all ones or two’s.

Rink 6           The Bierhaus 13 shots defeated The Irritiablebowls 11 shots.

Bierhaus were leading by 2 shots after 4 ends, however the Irrits scored 5 shots over the next two ends to go 3 shots up. The brewery team then scored a valuable 4 shots to edge in front, both teams scored a single shot on the last 2 ends.

Rink 7           JEEATS 7 drew with North Folk in Chance 7 shots.      “Second against third.”

After 5 ends the two were tied on 3 shots each, and again on the 7th end at 4 all. NFI went to the lead with a 3 on the 8th end, but the Jeatts won the last 2 ends to draw level.

Rink 8           Mothers Ducklings 13 shots defeated Jacked off 6 shots.   “Jacked Off are on top of the ladder.”

The ducks may have been inspired with Father duck watching on from the side lines as they held a 6 shot lead after 4 ends. Jacked off scored 3 shots but the ducks picked up 2 shots to be up 9 – 4 shots after 7 ends. The ducks finished up with a 4 on the last end.

Rink 9           KnH Burnouts 13 shots defeated Elders 4 shots.

The two teams started out with 3 against 3 but the score cards show that KnH finished up with 4 players. There was a spare player that could have played. After 4 ends KnH lead 8 – nil shots, they gradually forged ahead to win comfortably.  Elders won 3 ends for the match even after Myalls had a great drive (he says) they still went down.

LADDER    Round 13                                

1   Jacked Off                                      225

2  JEEATS                                           221

3   North Folk in Chance                  190

4   The Tigers                                      189

5   The Bierhaus                                 169

6   Piston Broke                                  168

7   The Hooters                                   158

8   Charleston Hotel                          158

9    KnH Burnouts                              154

10   Irritablebowls                              151

11    Mothers Ducklings                     137

12    The Mass Debaters                    134

13    Elders                                           132

14    Little Rays of Sunshine             124

15    The Incredibowls                        122

16   Great Balls of Fire                       115

17   Roots N Leaves                             88

18   ACME Night Owls                        75


NEXT ROUND:-   Round 16       26th February 2020   

Rink 1     Little Rays of Sunshine v ACME.

Rink 2    KnH Burnouts v Charleston Hotel.

Rink 3    Tigers v Elders.

Rink 4    Great Bowls of Fire v North Folk in Chance.

Rink 5    The Irritable Bowls v JEATTS.

Rink 6    Piston Broke v Jacked Off.

Rink 7    The Hooters v Mothers Ducklings.

Rink 8    The Incredibowls v Bierhaus.

Rink 9    The Mass Debaters v Roots n Leaves.